BlastPass Information
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BlastPass Information


As a precautionary effort to limit the number of touch points between our customers and vendors, the 2021 Northwest Washington Fair will be implementing a contactless payment system called BlastPass. Your safety is our primary goal, and limiting the number of transactions that involve handing cash or credit cards back and forth will provide a cleaner event experience.

BlastPass credits will be applied to your choice of either a card or wristband, and will be the only form of payment accepted for food and beverages at the fair this year.

BlastPass wristbands will also serve as the mode of entry for Season Passes, Party in the Dirt, and VIP access. Your access permissions will be applied to your wristband at pickup.

BlastPass FAQs

What is BlastPass?

Can I order my card or wristband in advance?

What is RFID?

How do I pickup my card or wristband?

Can I still pay for food and beverages with cash or credit card?

Where can I use my BlastPass card or wristband?

How do the cards and wristbands work?

What happens if I lose my card or wristband?

How long are my credits good for?

How do I reload my BlastPass card or wristband?

Can I use my BlastPass credits every day of the fair?

Do I still need to bring cash with me to the fair?

Can I get a refund on the credits I don't use?

Are there any fees associated with using BlastPass?

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