Exhibitor's Guide/Premium Book
Washington State mandates masks to be worn at all times indoors, and outdoors at gatherings of 500 or more.
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Entering at The Northwest Washington Fair

Entry Information

Exhibitor books for the 2021 Northwest Washington Fair will be posted by May 01, 2021.

All premium rules and entries times are subject to the current CDC, federal, state, and local regulations. It is the duty of the exhibitor to check current information. We will update as we hear more.

Show off your hard work at the Northwest Washington Fair. Enter one or more of our competitive categories below and compete for a ribbon and possible premiums. You will find information such as how to enter, entry deadlines, competition results and more listed.

The Fair’s competitive events are grouped into departments. Rules, schedules and entry forms for each department are printed in their respective premium book section. Use the menu below to select your area of interest.

Open Class Divisions-
are open to anyone of any age. No club or memberships required.

FFA Divisions- Requires FFA membership. FFA is open to those 8th grade to age 21 or 3 years after graduation whichever is less.

4-H Divisions- Requires 4-H Membership. 4-H is open to youth ages 5-19.


Amanda Stidham
Competitive Exhibits Supervisor
Livestock Coordinator

Phone: (360)354-4111 ext 209
Email: amanda@nwwafair.com

Contact for: Premiums, Entries, Fair Judges, Livestock Questions, Exhibits, 4-H & FFA, questions about entering.

To place an on-line entry, click here:http://nwwafair.fairwire.com/

On-Line Entry Tip: We suggest you print out the pages for the department you are entering in and have the information in front of you to check as you are making your entries. This makes it much easier to get the correct data entered and assures that you are aware of the specific department requirements. Also make sure to go all the way through the SUBMIT phase or the entry will not be completed.

Premium books for the above contain complete entry information. Premium books may be subject to change after their original posting. Please check back periodically and refresh your browser for most current information.

If you have registered previously and do not remember your Password, PLEASE call the Competitive Exhibits office for assistance: (360)354-4111 ext 209

NOTE: Fair entry information may be subject to change after their original posting. Please check back periodically for updates.

All animal entries received after the deadline of July 25th will be charged a late fee of $25.00 per head, payable upon entry. Please note: if you are entering a registered animal in an open class lot you will need to mail, fax, or bring a copy of the animal's registration to the Fair office. The fax number is (360) 354-1315. Registration papers coming in after July 31st will be charged a $10.00 late fee per animal.

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for All exhibits and exhibitors that are entered into the fair. If you don’t have access to a computer, the library is an excellent option. There will also be a computer available for use at the fair office during normal business hours.

With the exception of these Open Class departments ONLY, If you cannot enter on-line, you may still enter your items on the department's specific walk in entry dates: Agriculture, Art, Baking & Canning, Hobbies & Collections, Floriculture, Models, Legos, K'nex, Needlework & Quilts, Sewing, Wool, Weaving and Fibers. No other divisions are exempt from online registration. All 4-H, FFA and other Open Class divisions require online registration prior to the fair.


1. ALL premium checks will be mailed no later than September 30th.

2. If you have questions about your entries or premium check please email us at amanda@nwwafair.com. We will respond to your email within 1-2 business days.

3. ALL premium checks must be cashed by December 1 of the same year issued. No checks will be reissued after December 1 of current year.

4. Any error in the records of premiums caused by oversight or neglect shall be subject to correction whenever proof is furnished to the fair office that a mistake has been made. Errors and checks not received in the mail by October 15th must be reported before November 1st of the current year. Errors should be reported via either email at Amanda@nwwafair.com or in writing to the Fair office at 1775 Front Street, Lynden, WA 98264.

5. Checks that are lost or damaged will be subjected to a $35.00 fee for canceling and replacing a check.

6.1099 Information: If you exceed $600.00 in total premiums, you will need to file a W-9 form. These are available in the fair office. Premium checks will not be issued unless we have the completed W-9 form.

Questions? Let us know!


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